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 "For a truly unique and memorable gift, Steel Life's Mezzo Mod Dish is the perfect present." -BHG 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

"I love the clean lines yet raw appeal of the Mezzo Mod Dish! Whether I'm displaying my latest succulent obsession or sharing the garden's bounty, this container complements my style."  -K. Ketelsen, BHG Online Editor, Dec. 2013


unknown1.jpg-copy.jpg    "These powder coated steel bowls are lovely planters."  
    -Martha Stewart Blog, April 10, 2013 



Print 2014

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Online 2014



PRINT 2013

americanmadeliving.jpg  971163-10151806158927848-512285449-n.jpg   katie-couric-cover-768.jpg    unknown.jpeg  dwell-magazine-april-2013-outdoors-issue-cover-1-1.jpg  unknown-1.jpeg  528275-10151329818142581-1642088937-n.jpg  cahome-design-cover-web.jpg mid21-cover-513x600.jpg images-1-copy.jpeg  1357459200-garden-design-2013-02-03-feb-mar-1.jpg  phoenix-copy.jpeg  hol.jpg


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'Meet the Maker' Interviews:


"Shannon’s website is a complete reflection of her. The eye for detail, the roundedness in her design, her gentle nature, her authenticity, and her style. Although this is only the beginning of her work Steel Life, I know Lester is going to go far, because she encompasses so much more than a great designer. She’s creative, a caring momma, a problem solver, and a wonderful person in general.  If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I am always looking for new products that are out of the ordinary so I can show my clients and readers. It’s my passion I think you will love Steel Life." -Elizabeth Pryzgoda-Montgomery, Landscape Designer/Shop Owner -www.ShopBoxhill.com, April 20,2012



"...awesome planters, with a perfect balance between shape and color. Shannon Lester is the creative spirit behind Steel Life, a local business based in Bend, Oregon, that creates nature inspired planters and designs beautiful landscapes...While inspired by the nature and attached to locally-made materials we can be excited about what's coming next from Steel Life forge." -Ana Kamin, Fluxiontour.com, April 29, 2013


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Online 2012/2013


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       "A perfect planter for cactus."
       -Flora Grubb, Anthology Holiday Guide 2012 









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